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Are you looking for rattan nursery furniture? Hunter & Nomad can help. We understand that you’ll be spending many late nights in your baby’s new nursery, so it should be a cute and comfortable space that will make both you and your baby smile. We offer a range of bassinets, accent pieces, and nursery rugs in Australia to help you create the space that you want for your little one.

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Stunning and Durable Rattan Baby Furniture

While rattan furniture is well-suited for outdoor environments and, therefore, often used on patios and decks, it also makes great baby furniture. Here are some of its benefits. 

Rattan furniture looks stunning. This natural material can suit many different styles, from rustic and shabby chic to tropical and beachy. It looks fantastic combined with other natural elements, such as wood, and works well with vintage pieces, too. 

Rattan furniture can take it. If you are purchasing rattan furniture for your nursery or a home with small children, you won’t have to worry. The pieces are lightweight and won’t topple easily; they also won’t cause damage to your flooring. 

Rattan furniture is low maintenance. While some natural materials, such as leather, must be treated with oils and preservatives, rattan lasts an incredibly long time with just an occasional dusting or wipe down with a damp cloth. 

Rattan furniture is easy to move. Because this type of furniture is so lightweight, it won’t be a hassle if you need to relocate. Unlike heavier wood pieces that may require professional movers, rattan is typically manageable and easy to transport, should the need arise. 

Maintaining and Caring for Natural Nursery Furniture

As mentioned, rattan is not only a natural material but one that’s also low maintenance. Whether you have a rattan bassinet, a rattan baby change table, or other rattan furniture, here are a few tips for keeping it in good shape for years to come. 

Clean it regularly – and gently. Keep your rattan furniture free of dust with a soft cloth. You don’t need to use furniture polish or any cleaning products. If you need to use something damp, a soft cloth moistened with water will usually do the trick. 

Use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment. You can put those vacuum cleaner tools to good use on rattan furniture. Use the brush attachment to get all the nooks and crannies on your furniture’s cervices and woven panels. 

Rotate it regularly. Although rattan withstands natural elements such as sunlight, it will still fade somewhat (like anything else) if left for long periods in the harsh sun. If you want to distribute the fading evenly, be sure to rotate its position or simply keep it out of direct sunlight in the first place. 

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Whether you’re looking for rattan bassinets or round nursery rugs in Australia, let Hunter & Nomad be your supplier. We personally design all our eclectic pieces and then source them from amazing artisans throughout the world. We focus on quality products and excellent service, so contact us today to find your new favourite pieces.