Elegant, Natural Cotton Rugs in Australia

When it comes to cotton rugs in Australia, the mainstream chain stores, unfortunately, only ever import the latest craze, the flavour of the week, if you will. If you’re looking for something a little more tasteful, elegant, eclectic, and unique for your interior decorating needs, then look no further.

At Hunter & Nomad, we’ve gone above and beyond to bring you a truly unique range of beautiful, top quality and unique home décor products to suit every taste and budget, which is sure to spruce up any room with a dose of great taste and elegance.

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Stylish Natural Jute Rugs in Australia 

We are renowned in Australia for always coming up with products that have that something special, which you can’t quite put your finger on, but that makes the product stand out and add to the room. Our designs are thoughtful, practical, elegant, and unique, and our quality is unmatched.

  • We are the top suppliers of large jute rugs in Australia with innovative, eclectic designs and the best quality that money can buy. You can always expect the most innovative design and the best quality from us because we do not ever settle for less.
  • If there is one thing that this industry has a serious lack of, it is personal, individual customer service. This lack is one of the reasons we started this business and something that ignites our passion. At Hunter & Nomad, you will experience customer service the way it should be–individual, friendly, and considerate.
  • We are a premier supplier of exclusive and exquisite home décor products. As such, we are not the cheapest. We are, however, very price competitive within our market segment, which caters to the more discerning customer looking for something tasteful and unique that you won’t find at the large retail chains. 

What Sets Hunter & Nomad Apart Regarding Baby Room Rugs in Australia?

Initially started as a way to carry forward our vision and passion for children’s room décor, Hunter & Nomad has grown into a fully-fledged interior decorating company with our own unique designs spanning a wide range of product lines. We are now among the top interior décor design teams in Australia.

  • We have a wide range of unique, premium home decoration products. Our wide range of products includes mirrors, stylish, comfortable, and practical rattan furniture, cushions, ottomans, bassinets, baskets, swing chairs, wall décor, and the best Indian cotton rugs in Australia.
  • We take environmental responsibility and ethical labour practices seriously. We source all our materials responsibly from renewable resources, and all our manufacturers and suppliers are ethical employers who pay fair wages and do not make use of child- or forced labour.
  • Our unique and eclectic designs set us apart. Our products are practical, stylish, and luxuriant. We go out of our way to ensure that our products fit your needs. We are pioneers of the most popular natural dot rug in Australia, and many other unique and extraordinary home decoration products.

About Hunter & Nomad

Hunter and Nomad was started by Founder Annemarie and her husband after visiting Australia nine years ago and falling in love with the country. Hailing from the Netherlands, we initially started by importing unique hand-made Dutch products, but later started designing our own décor line for new mums, including some of the most popular baby room rugs in Australia.

We have since become a much loved and widely trusted brand in Australia with an ever-expanding product range that now includes new mums and avid homemakers alike, with product ranges for nurseries right through to living rooms, and the rest of the house.

Our unique knack for design combines European flair and unique Australian design sensibilities and has resulted in several trendy products, among which likely the most popular dot rug in Australia.  

We are passionate about the business and about providing our customers with unforgettable products and memorable shopping experience.

Our convenient, easily navigable website makes shopping easy and pleasurable, and our large variety of products will inspire you with creative ideas for your home.

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