Cotton diamond dot rug black - various sizes

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A beautiful, timeless Moroccan inspired diamond pattern with playful spots for a unique and eclectic look. Handmade in India exclusively for Hunter & Nomad. All rugs have a wax spray layer on the back to prevent them from moving on smooth surfaces like timber and tile flooring. 

Please note that all our rugs are handmade and therefore minor variations may occur. Due to its natural material, the rug will shed cotton fibers. 

Here are some tips to keep shedding to a minimum:

  • Lightly vacuum it once a week (the more you vacuum the more the fibers will loosen up and come off).
  • Make sure NOT to have the vacuum on the setting closest to the ground.
  • Use a rug pad under the rug to absorb shock and reduce shedding.
  • Take your rug outside for a good shake once in a while to clear off any dust that it has collected.

How to clean your rug:

    • Our rugs are washable in a conventional washing machine (140x200 and 160x230cm). The 200x300cm size can be washed on a low gentle cycle at your local Laundromat.
    • Wash them on a low cold cycle.
    • Flat dry it in the shade
    • Give it a good vacuum clean after it's completely dry to make it beautiful and soft again.
    • Treat tough stains with a damp cloth. Do not use chemicals to treat stains.

Material: 100% cotton. 

Size: Our diamond dot rugs come in 140x200cm, 160x230cm & 200x300cm. Add around 20cm for the tassels (10cm each side) when measuring if the rug would suit the space.

Note. FREE SHIPPING on all dot rugs Australia wide.

diamond black dot rug
Cotton diamond dot rug black - various sizes
Cotton diamond dot rug black - various sizes
Cotton diamond dot rug black - various sizes
diamond black dot rug