Our Story

My name is Annemarie, Dutch mum of three cheeky boys and founder of Hunter & Nomad. I came to Australia with my (also Dutch) husband nine years ago seeking adventure and we both fell in love with the beautiful Australian lifestyle and decided to stay.

Hunter and Nomad is the new and exciting chapter in our business journey. We started Dutch Warehouse almost 4 yrs ago, which was born out of a passion for interiors, kids decor and creating beautiful things. I was pregnant with my third child Jack when I decided (after weighing it all up for what seemed like forever) “I can do this; I can work from home and be a mum at the same time." I decided to create a website and start importing and selling Dutch designed products that were handmade, sustainable and most importantly: unique.

I designed my own first product about one year after the business had started - the cute seagrass tassel baskets. From there many more new products were added to the personally designed collection. We grew slowly but steadily into a much loved brand amongst all the beautiful new mamas and interior lovers around Australia and beyond.

Being Dutch and having that European design in the back of my mind whenever I was creating new products is what really made us stand out from the rest. I like following my own creative path and not always sticking to the interior trends, and it turned out to be the right path for us then as well as where we are at right now. Plus being SUPER passionate about the business helps too :-).

Now that we have established ourselves as a go-to brand for new mums, interior and home decor lovers, our mission is to become the number one site where you can find all the inspiration, tips and ideas for your next renovation plan, from the nursery to the living room and beyond. We only offer ethically made and sustainable products that are sourced from artisans around the world.

So, where did the new name Hunter & Nomad come from? I was pregnant with my third son Jack Hunter when I first started the business, so it seemed only right to use his name for the start of our next business journey. Nomad derives back to our ‘nomadic’ life; the love for traveling, living a life away from everything and everyone we know and of course the love for sourcing products overseas and finding amazing communities to work with.

This business truly is a representation of us, our journey and everything we adore. We really hope you fall in love with our designs as much as we have and that you enjoy shopping on our website and exploring all that our collections have to offer. Thank you for your ongoing support! ♡

Annemarie xx